PODD Alternative Access and Speech Generating Devices

July 22 - 23, 2019

This training is limited to 50 attendees.

About this Event

Join the creator of PODD, Gayle Porter to expand your learning with Alternative Access PODD Communication Books and PODD for SGD this July!

Prerequisite for attending this workshop is to have completed an Introduction to PODD Communication Books training (2 or 3 day). The focus of day one is on PODD communication books designed for individuals who cannot point directly to a display with their hands. The content will build on the information relating to the purpose, design principles, intervention strategies and use of PODD communication books covered in the two-day introductory workshop.

A range of alternative access PODD communication book will be discussed including: eye-gaze (eye-pointing), partner-assisted scanning (visual, auditory, visual plus auditory scanning), combination access, and coded access. The design features to suit, procedures to operate and teach each access method will be presented. Participants will have the opportunity to practice using each access method.

The focus of day two is the design features of PODD page sets to suit speech generating devices.

Ever wondered why PODD pages sets for speech generating devices are not direct copies of the corresponding language level of a PODD communication book? This workshop will explain the similarities, differences and variations in vocabulary organizations needed to capitalize on, and accommodate for, the innate differences between paper books and electronic devices.

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Event Location

Lansing Community College West Campus
5708 Cornerstone Drive
Lansing, MI 48917