Library User Guide - Navigating and Searching the Library

There are 2 primary methods for finding products in the library:

  1. Browsing by Category
  2. Searching


Browsing by Category

To view products within a category, click any of the links in the “Browse by Category” menu (pictured below). Some products are listed in multiple categories.


The Category menu, located in 
the right column 


Basic Searches

The search function in the right column allows for product searches based on keywords. You can also refine your search by selecting a category from the dropdown menu.


The product search


For example, a search for the keyword “talk” currently returns 8 pages of results:


Product search for "talk"


Searches within a Category

Searches can be narrowed to display results within one category.

A search for “talk” within the category “Communication Devices” would return a smaller set of results than a simple keyword search for "talk". At the time of this writing, there are 5 pages of results:


Product search within the "Communication Devices"
category for the keyword "talk"


Resetting Search Results

You may clear the search results and search form by clicking the “Reset” button.