Library User Guide - Ordering an Item

*You must be logged into the Alt+Shift Web site and be approved to order from the Alt+Shift Lending Library before you can submit a Library order.


Adding Items to Cart

When you locate an item you wish to order, click the item’s title, image, or the “View Details” button. Clicking any of these 3 items will take you to the product details screen.

The product details screen will provide more information about the product. This is also where you will add an item to your shopping cart. In order to add a product to your cart, you must know the Student UIC (Unique Identification Code) for the child for whom the item is being ordered. Once you have entered the Student UIC, click “Add to Cart”. You will then see the success message.


Shopping Cart Summary & Finalizing Your Order

Clicking the “Cart” link in the top left of the page will take you to your shopping cart summary. Here you can select a Shipping Address from those that you’ve stored in your address book on your account pro- file. You must agree to the terms of the loan by clicking the cooresponding checkbox before continuing to the next step and finalizing your order.

When you click the green “Continue to Next Step” button your order will be finalized and you will see the confirmation message below containing your order number.