Library User Guide - Setting up Library Membership

Register for Alt+Shift Site Account / Fill Out Lending Library Application

In order to access the Lending Library, you must complete 2 steps:

  1. Register for a Alt+Shift account
  2. Complete the Alt+Shift Lending Library application.



On the Alt+Shift Lending Library home page, in the right sidebar, you will find a box with the title 'Are you an educator?'.

Please complete these steps in order to access the Lending Library.

When registering an account you will be asked if you are an Educator or School Administrator. Select the account the would apply to you.

You must have a valid Alt+Shift account before you can complete the Lending Library application.

Once you complete the application, your information will be reviewed and the Lending Library administrator will follow up with you via email.


Logging in Following First Visit

In the future, when you return to the library, you will be able to log in by using the “Log In” link at the top left corner of the Alt+Shift Web site. You will be presented this page to enter your Username and Password.