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Foundations of Math Training Currently On Hold

As Alt+Shift prepares to shift our focus from implementation at the building level to the ISD level, Alt+Shift’s state-level offerings of the Foundations of Math course will be put on hold. We will not offer a state-level training this fall for Foundations of Math or Foundations of Math: Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities. Our focus over the next year will be to restructure these courses to better align with site-based implementation, allowing for the most impactful experience for our future participants and strengthening both the training and our ability to support ISDs with whom we will partner.

Data collected over the past four years has informed multiple reviews of our goals, progress, and scope of work as we work to develop the course into a version conducive to implementation.  As we say in the course, we have to go slow to go fast, and that is what we at Alt+Shift are working to do. Our goal is to restructure the course into shorter trainings over a longer period of time which will allow participants a chance to really engage in the strategies and practices we hope to empower them with. We will also seek out partnerships with ISDs to spearhead the implementation work regionally so the training can be implemented at a greater rate across the state. 

We appreciate your patience, feedback, and support. We will continue to offer support via our newsletters, social media, and our listserv ([email protected]).  If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Math Accessibility Specialist - Briana Bancroft ([email protected]).