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Highlights from our 2019 Implementation Team Summer Retreat

The major update on all of our professional learning opportunities is the work our partnership teams did at this year’s summer retreat held at the Hagerty Center in Traverse City on June 18-20.

Nineteen teams attended the retreat this year, including nine returning teams and ten new teams. People came from the upper peninsula, the upper lower peninsula, and lower lower peninsula to reflect on their implementation plans from the past school year, analyze their current realities, and plan for the coming school year.

Based on feedback from the event, the teams

  • Created and/or adjusted plans for next year.
  • Reflected and engaged in much needed work time with their teams.
  • Regained momentum for the work.

When asked what new information teams learned that was particularly helpful, attendees mentioned:

  • A framework for addressing change at the individual level called the ADKAR that was introduced on Day 2 of the retreat.
  • New information from colleagues both on their teams and teams from around the state.
  • The pace of implementation at other sites and how that compared to their own experiences.
  • Better understanding of their own progress throughout the past year.
  • How to organize thoughts and engage in implementation planning.

When thinking ahead to next year, teams are particularly excited about:

  • Increasing staff knowledge and capacity to implement new practices.
  • Expanding efforts to new groups of students.
  • Expanding efforts to new buildings.
  • Energizing staff around a mutual goal.
  • Training new staff.
  • Working together as a team to further goal-setting and execute plans.
  • Having a specific plan to “hit the ground running” within the fall.

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