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Michigan Assistive Technology (AT) Handbook is Now Available

In the fall of 2017, a task force of 24 Assistive Technology (AT) specialists throughout Michigan began working on the AT Handbook for Educational Professionals [PDF] which outlines and suggests a process and set of resources to support the consideration, assessment and implementation of AT for students with disabilities.

This task force grew to include over 40 AT specialists representing 11 intermediate school districts (ISDs), 4 local educational agencies (LEAs), Alt+Shift, and a Michigan State University (MSU) special education professor. Special thanks to the task force leadership team (Jeff Crockett, Laura Griffith, Susan Hardin, Kindy Segovia, Amy Baad, Gayle Evans and Phil Booth), those involved with creating the At-A-Glance Version [PDF] (Makia Alexander, Shekenia Mann, Heather Weaver, and Stacey Banks), and those who added accessibility supports (Phil Booth, Jim Kauppila, and Derrick Graves). 

This handbook, which has been reviewed and endorsed by well-known AT experts Penny Reed and Gayl Bowser, is available now, and can support AT specialists, special education administrators, and other members of individualized education program (IEP) teams who may not have regular access to AT specialists.