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Posted on May 20, 2020

Foundations of Math Series Cancelled

Regrettably, due to the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, the previously scheduled state trainings for both Foundations of Math and

Posted on May 18, 2020

Lending Library Re-opening

The lending library will be open beginning on May 21st with a few changes to the normal procedure:

Posted on March 27, 2020

Alt+Shift COVID-19 Update

During this extended school closure due to COVID-19, the well-being of you and your communities is on our minds.

We are here to provide technical assistance and resources for families and educators related to:

Posted on February 25, 2020

'The Path Forward' Strategic Action Plan from the Michigan Department of Education

In 2018, the U.S. Department of Education issued a determination [PDF], stating that "..Michigan needs intervention in implementing the requirements of Part B of the IDEA."

Posted on January 16, 2020

Countdown to the Newsletter Merge

Alt+Shift publishes two newsletters each month: The Alt+Shift newsletter and the Michigan’s Integrated Mathematics Initiative (Mi)2 newsletter which focuses on our math offerings.

Posted on December 30, 2019

Check out the Tiggly 3-in-1 Learner Kit available in the Lending Library

The Tiggly 3-in-1 learner kit is a set of interactive toys (shapes, letters, and number lines) and apps for children aged 2-8. It is designed to bring shapes, letters, and words to life.

Posted on October 24, 2019

Two new apps for students with low vision available in the Lending Library

The "Big Bang" app bundle is now available. Like all Lending Library products, the Big Bang bundle is available at no cost to Michigan schools.  

Posted on October 9, 2019

Michigan Assistive Technology (AT) Handbook is Now Available

In the fall of 2017, a task force of 24 Assistive Technology (AT) specialists throughout Michigan began working on the AT Handbook for Educational Professionals [PDF] which outlines and su

Posted on September 25, 2019

Communications Bill of Rights

Everyone, including individuals with complex communication needs, has the right to participate in and affect their daily routine and the environment around them through communicative interactions.

Posted on July 25, 2019

Highlights from our 2019 Implementation Team Summer Retreat

The major update on all of our professional learning opportunities is the work our partnership teams did at this year’s summer retreat held at the Hagerty Center in Traverse City on June 18-20.