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Various PODD booksPODD is an augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) system for people with complex communication needs and is designed to meet language learning needs from the development of language to the expansion of language use via aided language learning.
Aided language heavily depends on communication partners speaking the language of PODD in the presence of the language learner during authentic communication exchanges - exactly like learning a first spoken language! View Chris Bugaj’s YouTube video on Aided Langauge Input.
PODD is a multi-level communication system (which means it is more than one page) that teaches the functions of language (like asking questions, commenting, giving opinions) and builds upon those functions of language (like adding -ing endings)  to develop language skills that result in autonomous communication over time and experience with a competent partner.
Introduction to PODD Communication Books is a two-day course intended to help participants understand the communication system so they may provide aided language input via a PODD book. Participants learn:

  • What PODD is and how it supports language learning
  • How PODD is used in daily interactions with people with complex communication needs (CCN)
  • How to navigate different types of PODD books
  • How to choose a PODD book for an individual with complex communication needs
  • How to customize a PODD book for individual needs and requirements
  • What alternative access might mean for some individuals with CCN

Participants at a PODD sessionWe are currently providing training and implementation support for selected districts throughout the state for the 2018-2019 school year. Our purpose is to assist in improving the implementation of PODD as part of a robust communication system in classrooms with students with complex communication needs. Districts participating in this effort were selected through an application process. Applications for PODD implementation sites for the 2019-2020 school year will be accepted soon. Interested sites can contact Alt+Shift, subscribe to the newsletter for application announcements, or keep an eye on “Events” on this website.  For information on what being a implementation site involves, and to apply to become a site, follow the link below.

There are two requirements that must be met prior to the option to print books:

  • You must have completed an introductory PODD training (2 or 3 day).
  • You must own a copy of the PODD Direct Access CDs.

If you meet these requirements, please submit your order using the PODD Order Form.