Lending Library

AAC - Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Super Talker

A communication device that providess 16 minutes and 8 levels of communication.

Communication Builder

The Communication Builder is equipped with 5 easy to change frames, which allow you to refine communication choices as the person develops new skills.

Take N' Talk Board

The Take N' Talk Board is a self-contained device which allows the user to record 7 messages up to 5seconds each.

Dynavox V

Dynavox V is a comprehensive dynamic display communication device that features both synthesized and digitized speech.

Rocking Two Message Communicator with Lights

Rocking Two Message Communicator with Lights will record two messages (10 seconds per message) with visual cue.

ECO 14 with ECOpoint

Augmentative and Alternative communication device with ECOpoint eye-gazing accessory.

Pocketalker Ultra

The Pocketalker Ultra is an easy to use portable amplifier that can improve a persons ability to communicate in difficult listening situations.


The Allora is an easy to use, keyboard based, text-to-speech generating device.

4 Compartment Communicator

Compartmentalized communicator.

7 Level Communication Builder

The 7-Level Communication Builder is a self-contained communication device.

7 Level Laptop Communicator

A self contained communication device which allows the user to record and play back from 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 different messages per level.

Big Step by Step Communicator

Powerful 5-inch sequential messaging tool.

Big Talk

Big Talk communication device has single, sequential and random message capabilities.

Blue Bird II

The Blue Bird communication device includes 11 levels of possible programming.

ChatterVox Voice Amplification System

The Chattervox is a compact personal amplification system that provides up to 15dB of a voice boost for mild to moderate speech impairments.