Lending Library

Alternate Access

MagicTouch Touch Screen for 16-17

Turns ANY monitor into an interactive device. Glass Touch Screen.

Roller Plus Trackball PS2

Trackball designed for users with severe motor impairments.

TV & VCR Remote

Single switch device designed to work like a universal remote, simple to program.

Advanced Magic Wand Keyboard

The Magic Wand Keyboard is a miniature computer keyboard, with a built-in mouse, that allows people with limited or no hand/arm movement to fully access any computer, the Internet, e-mail, and all computer programs.

All Turn It Spinner

All-Turn-It spinner allows switch users to participate in games that use a spinner or dice.

Bass Switch

An input device for students with physical disabilities to access computers, environmental controls or communication devices.

Big Keys Keyguard

Keyguard attaches easily to the BigKeys keyboard to help stabilize fingers on the right key while minimizing errors.

Big Keys LX Keyboard Qwerty Black on White Keys

Standard size computer keyboard with very large keys.

Big Red Switch

Big Red Switch is a single switch measuring 5" that is activated by pressing anywhere on the top surface.

BIGtrack Trackball USB

The trackball is ideal for those who don't have the fine motor skills required by a mouse.

Keyguards for Dynavox DV4, 8 and 30 location

Designed to assist persons who experience difficulty making accurate selections on their AAC device.

EasiTrax Joystick

Designed for users who have difficulty using a mouse.

Felix Micropoint Mouse

Mouse alternative.

Flopper Stopper Head Helper

Device used for a possible way to prevent head flopping and get instant switch access