Lending Library

Alternate Access

Marble Mouse

Marble Mouse USB

The Optical Marble Mouse gives you superior precision.

MyBoard Keyboard QWERTY

MyBoard III Keyboard QWERTY

MyBoard III keyboard has big colorful keys that are color coded and easy for children to find.

Switch Adapted Trackball

Switch Adapted Trackball USB

Switch adapted trackball that operates all special needs software.

Oval Texture Switch Small

Brightly colored oval texture switch


Rollerball II USB

A very sturdy alternative mouse device that uses a trackball to position the computer's mouse arrow on the screen.

Quicktionary II Reading Pen

A hand held scanning device.

Quizworks Switch Interface

Quizworks Switch Interface USB

Connect up to 5 switches to a computer.

Switch Interface Pro

Switch Interface Pro 5.0 USB

Plug-and-play switch interface USB with 5 ports makes computers accessible to everyone.

Ultimate Switch

Ultimate Switch

Universal, multi-faceted switch activated by the slightest touch.

Touch Window

Touch Window 15" USB

Users point to and touch computer monitors while using software.

Touch Window

Touch Window 17" USB

Users point to and touch computer monitors while using software.

Tracker Pro

Tracker Pro

TrackerPro is a computer input device that takes the place of a mouse for people with little or no hand movement.

Universal Switch Mounting Systsem

Universal Switch Mounting System

Mount switches easily and quickly.

VoiceTracer 7630

VoiceTracer 7630

Digital Voice Tracer digital verbal notepad will interface with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

PowerLink 3

PowerLink 3

Unit gives students the ability to control most electric appliances, tools and toys with single switches.