Lending Library

Hearing Impairments

Pocketalker Ultra

The Pocketalker Ultra is an easy to use portable amplifier that can improve a persons ability to communicate in difficult listening situations.

ChatterVox Voice Amplification System

The Chattervox is a compact personal amplification system that provides up to 15dB of a voice boost for mild to moderate speech impairments.

Easy Listener Personal FM System

A lightweight personal FM system that is suitable for users of all ages and hearing abilities.

Orbit M Portable Speaker for iPad/iPod

Orbit M Portable Speaker for iPad/iPod

Compact, lightweight speaker system.

PFM Pro RCH Personal Wireless FM Listening System

PFM PRO RCH Personal Wireless FM Listening System

Wireless FM Listening System delivers superior audio directly to the ear to enhance sound

UbiDuo 2 Wireless device

UbiDuo 2 Wireless

UbiDuo 2 is a communication solution for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Use it to facilitate face-to-face communication between deaf/hard-of-hearing and hearing people. This revolutionary device will help to eliminate bluffing, frustration and Communiphobia, as well as promote communication equality.

wireless voice amplifier system with wireless transmitter

Turtle Wireless Voice Amplifier

The Turtle voice amplifier is a 2.4 GHz wireless digital voice amplifier with a pre-matched transmitter and receiver. It has clear sound quality and high sensitivity due to its digital audio processing which is great for classroom settings. It also comes with a wired mic for attaching directly to the amplifier if needed.