Lending Library


MagicTouch Touch Screen for 16-17

Turns ANY monitor into an interactive device. Glass Touch Screen.

Little Fingers Keyboard

Keyboard designed especially for kids' hands helps access computer.

Roller Plus Trackball PS2

Trackball designed for users with severe motor impairments.

Advanced Magic Wand Keyboard

The Magic Wand Keyboard is a miniature computer keyboard, with a built-in mouse, that allows people with limited or no hand/arm movement to fully access any computer, the Internet, e-mail, and all computer programs.

Big Keys Keyguard

Keyguard attaches easily to the BigKeys keyboard to help stabilize fingers on the right key while minimizing errors.

Big Keys LX Keyboard Qwerty Black on White Keys

Standard size computer keyboard with very large keys.

Intellikeys USB Keyboard

IntelliKeys is an alternative keyboard for students who have difficulty using a standard keyboard.

Intellikeys Keyguard

Intellikeys Keyguard Bundle

Keyguard bundle for USB Intellikeys Keyboard.

MyBoard Keyboard QWERTY

MyBoard III Keyboard QWERTY

MyBoard III keyboard has big colorful keys that are color coded and easy for children to find.

Airbender 1.0 iPad Case with Wireless Keyboard

Airbender 1.0 iPad 2, 3, 4 Case with Wireless Keyboard

The Airbender is a hard clamshell case with wireless keyboard for the iPad 2, 3, and 4.

ChesterKeys and Case for iPad Air

ChesterKeys & Case for iPad Air

A Bluetooth keyboard and case for the iPad Air.

Single Right Hand Keyboard

Single Right Handed Keyboard

Maltron single or one hand keyboards have been developed as a logical step forward to meet the needs of those who need to type with one hand.

BIG Blue-Tooth Keyboard

The BIG Blue-Tooth Keyboard, is a wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard that has almost 1" key size.It's great for any text-oriented app on the iPad and I've tested it with:

curved keyboard with separate number pad

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is built with a split keyboard layout that keeps wrists and forearms in a relaxed position, and a cushioned palm rest to provide wrist support. The domed keyboard shape works to reduce and correct wrist pronation that can cause pain and limited mobility.