Lending Library

Switch Access

BIGmack Communicator

Single-Message Voice Output Communication Aid with 20 second message time for beginning communicators.

Pal Pad

Pal Pads are flat membrane switches approximately 1/10th of an inch thick yet are very durable andcan be activated with the slightest touch.

Rocking Two Message Communicator with Lights

Rocking Two Message Communicator with Lights will record two messages (10 seconds per message) with visual cue.

All Turn It Spinner

All-Turn-It spinner allows switch users to participate in games that use a spinner or dice.

Big Red Switch

Big Red Switch is a single switch measuring 5" that is activated by pressing anywhere on the top surface.

Big Step by Step Communicator

Powerful 5-inch sequential messaging tool.

Big Talk

Big Talk communication device has single, sequential and random message capabilities.

Flopper Stopper Head Helper

Device used for a possible way to prevent head flopping and get instant switch access

Clip Talk Direct Communicator with Jacks

Portable Clip Talk communicator allows you to record and re-record one 20-second or two 10-second messages.

Crick USB Switch Interface

USB switch interface that works with most switch accessible software.

*now sold as the Crick USB Switch Box

Head Switch


Switch activated with light pressure from the head.

iTalk 2 Communicator

iTalk2 Communicator

The iTalk2 dual-message communicator is ideal for choice making.

Jelly Beamer Wireless Switch

Jelly Beamer Wireless Switch

This rugged, wireless switch performs just like a traditional switch without the hassle of cables.

Jelly Bean Switch

Jelly Bean Switch

Switch activates no matter where the student presses.

Leaf Switch

Leaf Switch

This sensitive switch is ideal for developing motor skills.