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Switch Kit

Includes the following: 

1. Big Red Switch (blue 0432)

2. Bigmack (0440)

ACES Evaluation Toolkit logo

ACES Evaluation Toolkit Bundle

Toolkit which simplifies augmentative/alternative (AAC) evaluations.

Algeblocks - Hand to Mind

Eliminate student struggle with concrete understanding. Provide meaning to variables, combine like terms with understanding, use an area model to represent multiplying and factoring polynomials, and solve first- and second-, and third-degree equations. Enough materials for 4 students working independently.

Algeblocks for Middle School resource guide

Algeblocks for Middle School resource guide

This book helps teachers effectively implement Algeblocks in the classroom with 48 lesson plans grouped into seven units. It also includes lab worksheets to use with each lesson.

The seven units include: