Lending Library

Visual Impairments

BIGmack Communicator

Single-Message Voice Output Communication Aid with 20 second message time for beginning communicators.

Rocking Two Message Communicator with Lights

Rocking Two Message Communicator with Lights will record two messages (10 seconds per message) with visual cue.

Big Keys LX Keyboard Qwerty Black on White Keys

Standard size computer keyboard with very large keys.

Big Red Switch

Big Red Switch is a single switch measuring 5" that is activated by pressing anywhere on the top surface.

Big Step by Step Communicator

Powerful 5-inch sequential messaging tool.

Lighted Signal Switch

Lighted Signal Switch

Switch shines a bright light upon activation.

4 Choice Sequential Scanner

4 Choice Sequential Scanner for the Visually Impaired

Communicator provides powerful illumination of icons with four scan modes.

Intel Reader

Intel Reader

Mobile device that reads print aloud.

Victor Reader Stratus

Victor Reader Stratus 12 M

Audio book player

Wireless VisionBoard

Wireless VisionBoard

Wireless Large Print Keyboard USB

Snow 7" HD Video Magnifier

Snow 7" HD - Full-Color Video Magnifier

7" handheld video magnifier

SciPlus 2500 Low Vision Talking Scientific Graphic Calculator

SciPlus-2500 Low Vision Talking Scientific/Graphic Calculator English-Spanish

Talking scientific graphing calculator designed specifically for users with low vision

Eschenbach Pocket Magnifier

Eschenbach 4X Mobilux LED Illuminated Pocket Magnifier

LED Illuminated Pocket Magnifier


Braille Note Touch with 18 cells

BrailleNote Touch 18

The BrailleNote Touch interface is easy to learn for both students and teachers, combining the benefits of KeySoft and braille literacy of a traditional note taker with the efficiency and power of a modern tablet.

Clear keyguide

VI KeyGuide for Accent 1000 LAMP Words for Life

The LAMP Words for Life – VI tactile KeyGuide is designed to be used with LAMP Words for Life – VI, developed for those who are visually impaired. The KeyGuide's tactile cues, coupled with the LAMP motor planning, makes it ideal for those who still need a speech-generating device.