accent 1400 with look eye on the front
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Accent 1400 with Look Eye Tracking System

Accent® 1400 is a dedicated speech-generating device (SGD) that offers user-friendly features to make communicating fast and easy for individuals with speech impairments. The large 14” screen is the perfect choice for individuals with complex access needs or those who want larger icons.

The Accent 1400 offers a choice of vocabulary options featuring the Unity® family with LAMP/Words for Life®, CoreScanner™, and WordCore. Other available vocabulary options include Essence® for literate adults, the UNIDAD® language system for Spanish/English bilingual use, and WordPower™.

The Accent 1400 comes preloaded with both PRC’s NuVoice® software and Empower™, PRC's new software that's customizable, intuitive and easy to use.  The Accent 1400 also offers multiple access options and accommodates the Look™ Eye Tracking System. It also has the Timocco app installed, which is a collection of fun and interactive games that allow an individual to practice touch and eye tracking.

Small and light, Look eye tracking system offers equal or enhanced performance over other solutions. Look offers industry-leading ease of use and customizations for improving user performance.

Combined with its sleek design, low power consumption and robust performance, Look is an ideal access method for a wide variety of individuals with disabilities requiring the use of eye tracking.

Look provides the refinement necessary for specific populations. For individuals with progressive neurological diseases, Look has a full range of calibration (0, 5, 7, and 9) and adjustment for speed of cursor movement, stability, dwell selection and timing to create a precise and accurate control required for extensive use for text, communication and control of the Windows environment.

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