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ACES Evaluation Toolkit Bundle

The toolkit provides AAC evaluation tools for the simplest to the most complex communication needs.
Includes the ACES Low-to-Lite Tech Evaluation Toolkit and the ACES High-Tech Evaluation Toolkit.

Items in the Low-to-Lite Tech Evaluation kit include the following:
Single message voice output device (w/levels)
Positioning components (switch mount, stand)
Wireless switch with switch latch timer
Variety of switches
Low-cost boards for eyegaze, keyguards, writing, spelling, grammar-based vocabulary, etc.
Communication books/boards
Go Talk Bundle (4+, 9+, 20+)
Go Talk Overlay software & stand
Additional set of graphics from Symbol Stix
Computer interface for switches
Cause-effect software
Beginning resources to make evaluation pictures and overlays and add pages to your communication software, and more.

Items in the High-Tech Evaluation Toolkit include the following:
Touchscreen PC computer with convertible screen (to emulate keyboard style or tablet style device)
Communication software (Tobii Communicator software) with sample and evaluation pages,
Preloaded a variety of trial/demo manufacturer’s software
Assists you in evaluating different language representation systems
Instructions to be provided for basic use of manufacturer’s software, and more.


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