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C-Pen Reader Pen

C-PEN ReaderPen is a robust, portable, pocket-sized reading pen that reads text out loud with a human-like digital voice.
ReaderPen is designed to promote independent learning for any student suffering from reading difficulties such as dyslexia.

It reads text out aloud with American English, British English, French and Spanish human-like digital voices. It also features embedded first tier junior and academic dictionaries for immediate access to word definitions, a function allowing storage of text captured from textbooks, and a voice memo function.

The reading pen is Mac, PC and Linux compatible. There is no software required, just connect the pen up to a computer with a USB cable and it appears as an external hard drive or a keyboard.

As well as promoting independent reading this pen features:

– hear words or lines of text read out loud
– first tier monolingual dictionaries
– scan, store and transfer to a PC or Mac (1GB+ of storage/no software required)
– scan direct to the cursor on a computer
– a voice memo recorder

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