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Comlink WinSlate for Kids with Enable Eyes

The WinSlate Enable Eyes is not only a state-of-the-art speech generating device, it is built on the most powerful hardware available today. WinSlate users can seamlessly switch between using the device for speech generation and other communication methods such as email or texting.* Now with Windows 8 Apps, access is easier than ever before! There is full support for both Modern UI apps and traditional Windows programs, so no matter what your needs or preferences are the WinSlate can do it all.
Larger targets and simplified apps are just a couple of reasons why eye tracking is easier than ever with the WinSlate. WinSlate sers enjoy larger, more easily accessible targets with simplified apps to optimize their eye tracking experience. Traditional Windows programs are still readily accessible for full compatibility with a wide array of software on the market that the user may wish to use.*

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