Dynavox T10 with Compass App and PODD pagesets
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Dynavox T10 with Compass App and PODD Pagesets

Tobii Dynavox Compass software is a research-based communication solution for individuals who cannot use their natural voice to fully participate in their everyday lives. Regardless of age or ability, Dynavox Compass complements your unique strengths and needs to empower you as you grow, learn, and reach for your goals.  

Engage in conversations with fast access to messages through Topic Pages, QuickFires and QuickPhrases, Whiteboard, and Rating Scales. Express even more by personalizing your messages through Keyboards, Word Lists, and Core strategies.  

The communication pages included in the Dynavox Compass have been created and tested to specifically address the needs and strengths of individuals with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury, Apraxia, Down Syndrome, ALS and other neurological, developmental and communication challenges. From there, you have the freedom to easily customize and make it YOUR voice!


ConnectIT Desktop Mount is included.

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