honeybee proximity switch
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HoneyBee Proximity Switch

The HoneyBee Proximity Switch senses the proximity of a hand, finger, head or nearly any object. To activate the HoneyBee, the user places his or her hand, head or other body part over the sensor window. An audible tone is heard when activation has occurred.

The sensing range can be adjusted for any of four distances, allowing for multiple positioning and access needs:
•6-inches (14 cm)
•3-inches (7 cm)
•1-inch (3 cm)
The HoneyBee is powered by a standard coin cell battery which is readily available from many retail stores. Under normal use, and depending on the range setting, expected battery life varies from several months to several years.

The HoneyBee can be plugged into any communication device, adapted toy or computer interface that has a standard ⅛-inch jack.

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