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HP EliteBook 2740p Touchscreen Tablet PC
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HP EliteBook 2740p Touchscreen Tablet PC with Win 7

The HP EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC combines the performance of a notebook with the flexibility of a tablet. Includes a 12.1-inch diagonal display with touchscreen and a durable magnesium alloy case.

Users can rotate the display to shift it into tablet mode. A pressure-sensitive stylus can do sketches on screen, point with up to two fingers, enabling multitouch gestures.

Includes Win 7 Professional, 4gb memory, 2.53 ghz processor, and 6 cell lithium ion battery.

1. AIM Software Tutorials and Bookshare Tutorials
2. Audacity
3. Boardmaker Plus! (Mayer-Johnson)
4. Dolphin Easy Reader 6.01 (Dolphin Computer Access)
5. Kidspiration (Inspiration Software)
6. Inspiration 9 (Inspiration software)
7. Open Office
8. Press to Play Animals (Don Johnston)
9. Reading for Meaning (Tom Snyder Productions)
10. Solo (Don Johnston)
11. Thinking Reader: A Wrinkle in Time (Tom Snyder Productions)
12. Your Body Inside and Out (Mayer-Johnson)
13. Ukandu Little Books: A Day at Play (Don Johnston)
14. Curriculum Companion Software

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