NOVA Chat 12 Plus
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NOVA Chat 12 Plus

Nova Chat 12 is a speech-generating device that offers the well-known Chat Software on an Android™ platform. It offers a durable yet sleek, portable design, with features that include a built-in camera, single or dual switch scanning, Social Chat, IVONA speech synthesizer, and many other exciting features.

A variety of vocabulary configurations allows you to tailor the device to meet your needs.  The NOVA chat includes thousands of SymbolStix© symbols, and PCS© symbols can be added.  The ability to use your own photos permits even further customization.

Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, the Ivona© synthesizer offers a voice that can be manipulated to your liking.  It includes a child, teen, and numerous American, British English and Australian adult options. Additionally, Acapela™ voices are available for NOVA chat 12 as an option. Your voice will definitely be heard as the encased amplifier produces sound clarity beyond that of any portable speech generating device of its size.

Pre-Loaded Vocabulary (Various page sets targeting individuals with different communication needs are included in the NOVA Chat):
•4 Basic
•Basic Scan
•Communication Journey: Aphasia
•my Core
•my QuickChat
•MultiChat 15

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