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ComLink ProSlate 10
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ProSlate 10D

The ComLink ProSlate 10 is a dedicated communication device loaded with communication and AAC apps only. 

Key features of the ProSlate 10: 

  • Wearable SoundPOD™ voice output module allows users voice to originate from their body
  • FlexABLE™ Handle and Stand gives  limited dexterity users an optimum ergonomic interface with the device
  • Supports multiple access methods (touch access, up to four ability switches, and handwriting)
  • Includes a “Home Button Guard” to keep users from inadvertently activating the home button
Borrow Price: 

Products can be checked out by educators at no cost, however lending library users are responsible for the cost of shipping when returning items.

Replacement Cost: 

Should a product be lost or damaged when in a user’s possession, the user would be responsible for the replacement cost.

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