Proslate 13 front
Proslate 13 back with sound pod
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ProSlate 13D

The ProSlate 13D is a dedicated communication device loaded with communication and AAC apps only.

Big and accessible, the ProSlate 13D offers the largest screen size in the ProSlate™ series, nearly 13 inches, while weighing only 3.6 pounds. It works best with higher density AAC apps using iOS software, and the included accessories designed for all levels of accessibility make the ProSlate 13D easy to use for everyone. Users with dexterity issues will delight in the size of the targets on the ProSlate 13.

The removable SoundPOD™ can be permanently attached to the device or worn around the neck to allow users voice to originate from their body. The FlexABLE® handle gives you total control over the device's position. Also included is a "Home Button Guard" to keep users from inadvertently activating the home button.

Apps include: Proloquo2Go, TouchChat, aacorn, LAMP Words for Life, Snap + Core First, Talkboard, Pictello, Alexicom, ArtikPix, iConversation Builder, My First AAC, My Talk Tools, Rad Sounds (cause and efect), Aphasia, Phonemes, Sono Flex Lite, Speech Sounds on Cue, My Words, Assistive Express, Articulation Assessments Toolkit, Talking Tom, Verbally, Tap Speak Sequence, Go Talk Now, and Sounding Board.


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