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Switch Kit

Toolkit of various assistive technology switches for hands on trainings purposes available for 3 week loan time.  Includes some or all of the following: Big Red Switch, Bigmack,  Bubble Switch, ChooseIt Maker for WIN, Clamp on bump Switch, Gooseneck Switch Mounting Set, Grasp Switch, Gus Deluxe Mouse for WIN, Headswitch, Jelly Bean Switch w/cap, Joggle Switch, Leaf Switch, Lighted Signal Switch, Magic Arm, Maxess SwitchTray, Microlight switch, Microswitch, Mini Saucer Switch, Plate Switch 5x8, Platform Switch, Power Link 3 Dual,  Scatir Switch & Gooseneck Mount, Single Switch Latch & Timer, Slim Armstrong Mounting System, Small Oval Texture Switch, Soft Pillow Switch, Specs Switch, Step by Step w/Levels, String Switch,  Switch adapted Mouse for PC, Switch click USB, Switch easel, Switch interface pro, Switch It  Diggers, Switch it Maker, Treadle Switch, Wobble Switch, Y-Mouse, pigtail adapter 

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