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Tiggly 3-in-1 Learner Kit

Tiggly 3-in-1 Learner Kit is a set of interactive toys (shapes, letters, and number lines) and apps for children aged 2-8, designed to bring shapes, letters and words to life. It's compatible with both Apple and Android tablets and doesn't require Wi-fi, batteries or Bluetooth. Students play games based around shapes, letters and numbers that focus on improving their ability to recognize shapes, build words and phrases, as well as helping their visual, spatial and abstract thinking skills.

Designed for use with the 12 educational apps:

  • Shapes:
    • Tiggly Safari (Shape Recognition)
    • Tiggly Stamp (Storytelling)
    • Draw (Creativity)
  • Words:
    • Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen (Reading)
    • Tiggly Doctor (Short & Long Vowels)
    • Tiggly Story Maker (Word Building)
    • Tiggly Submarine (Spelling Patterns)
  • Math:
    • Tiggly Cardtoons (Counting)
    • Tiggly Chef (Addition)
    • Tiggly Adventure (Number line)

*Does NOT come with an iPad. Please check out any of the iPads in the lending library separately.

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