AT in Michigan

AT Regions and Contacts

Map of Michigan Assistive Technology RegionsNeighboring school districts and Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) often collaborate to share resources amongst educators and students. Michigan is divided into 5 AT regions to foster communities that support educators and students as well as improve the knowledge, skills, and expertise of educators (i.e., build capacity) at a regional level. 

Each year, ISDs provide updated contact information of educators who are in supportive AT or AAC roles. Their information can be found on the AT Contacts page of this website. When parents or educators have an AT-related question or want to connect with someone locally, they can use this list to find an AT professional in their ISD and/or region.

AT Leadership

In Michigan, educators who are involved in leadership roles on IEP teams are known as AT Leaders. These AT Leaders gather together periodically to discuss needs around getting the right AT tools into the hands of students. They focus on increasing their ISD’s ability to consider AT for all students with IEPs and provide AT to all students who require it and building a stronger network of professionals. 

AT Leaders connect in multiple ways:

  • Listserv

  • Lunch & Learn meetings

  • Task Forces

  • Statewide Meetings

If you are an educator interested in joining the AT-Contacts Listserv and receiving more information about these opportunities to connect with other AT Leaders in Michigan, please contact

Alt+Shift Lending Library

During the AT assessment process, districts should provide opportunities for learners to trial AT prior to purchasing any technology. The trial will help assess the effectiveness of specific tools at meeting the learners’ needs. If a district does not have a specific tool or piece of equipment, they can utilize the Alt+Shift Lending Library. The Alt+Shift Lending Library contains assistive technology equipment and software that is available to Michigan’s PK-12 public schools and affords districts the opportunity to try assistive technology with learners who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Watch this video to learn more about the Alt+Shift Lending Library.

Stay In Touch

The Alt+Shift newsletter provides updates on our professional learning opportunities, informs readers of upcoming events, and highlights resources for people who work with students with disabilities.