Partnering Process

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Partnering with Alt+Shift provides support, accountability, and progress monitoring. We work in partnership with ISDs to strengthen their capacity to create a system of supports for long-term implementation of new practices.

  • Support - ISD Implementation Teams meet every 30-45 days to discuss progress toward goals on strategic plans. These discussions provide an opportunity for teams to identify what is working and where challenges exist. ISD Implementation Teams and Alt+Shift co-construct implementation supports to strengthen what is working well and address what is not.
  • Accountability - Past and current districts report having an external partner like Alt+Shift helps them stay accountable to the work. Knowing a team meeting is coming up keeps the work moving forward. Team members complete their action items and prepare to present and reflect on data. This helps to avoid scenarios where teams get to the end of the year and realize they did not do as much as intended.
  • Progress monitoring - Alt+Shift facilitates a strategic planning process during which teams identify long- and short-term goals as well as projects and action items needed to achieve the goals. Teams then check their progress toward those goals every 30-45 days. This keeps the work focused and lets them know if completion of action items moves them toward a desired outcome.

Partnering with ISDs across the state allows Alt+Shift to promote collective learning among teams. Alt+Shift provides opportunities throughout the year for ISD Implementation Teams to convene virtually and in person. Teams learn from each other about the content of the professional learning opportunity and about factors that impact implementation. This collective learning makes the transfer of knowledge more efficient and sustainable.

I'm Ready to Explore Partnership

Are you ready to explore a partnership with Alt+Shift? Read about our partnership details, then apply below. If an application is not currently available, complete the “Notify Me When Applications Open” form.

*Note: For "wait list only" trainings, we are currently at capacity for partnership.  However, if your ISD is ready to consider partnership, we encourage you to apply and someone will follow up with you to see what you can do to get started with making positive change for students until partnerships are available. 

Notify Me When Applications Open

Partnership Details

Once applications are available, interested sites should:

  • Download and read the Call for Applications (found in the first paragraph of the application) in its entirety.
  • Begin to think about who would be on an ISD Implementation Team.
  • Begin to think about the local districts or programs with whom you will work.
  • Share the Call for Applications with people who will be on the ISD Implementation Team.
  • Review the Call for Applications as a team to determine feasibility of a partnership in the upcoming school year.
  • Contact Alt+Shift with any questions.
  • Submit the application.

Alt+Shift provides professional learning opportunities about evidence-supported strategies on a variety of topics. When these strategies are put into practice, intermediate school districts (ISDs) and their local districts and programs learn about the factors that influence implementation.

Research consistently shows training without implementation support results in minimal transfer to practice. Regardless of the reason for this, training that does not get implemented cannot benefit students.

As you begin exploring a partnership with Alt+Shift, here are some questions to consider:

  • Has your ISD identified a need for professional learning and ongoing supports regarding one of the Alt+Shift professional learning opportunities?
  • Is your ISD currently working to implement strategies from one of the Alt+Shift professional learning opportunities?
  • Is your ISD able to support implementation of new practices throughout the next school year? This includes implementation team development, initial training, follow-up training, implementation team meetings, on-the-job learning, self-observation, and data collection procedures.
  • Do you have local districts or programs ready to engage in this work? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider submitting an application to partner with Alt+Shift.

How does a partnership work?

  • ISDs form implementation teams. Teams include a director of special education and/or a director of general education and other ISD personnel who are stakeholders in this effort. This may include special education supervisors, general and special education consultants, coaches, and ancillary staff. An Alt+Shift consultant is also part of the team during initial implementation.
  • ISDs identify two to three local districts or programs to receive training. They work toward full implementation as part of a long-term, sustainable effort. Identified districts and programs also form implementation teams. Local teams include district or building administrators and district or building level personnel such as teachers, ancillary staff, coaches, and consultants. At least one member of the ISD Implementation Team is also a member of the Local Implementation Team.
  • Alt+Shift provides the initial training. The identified local districts and programs along with members of the ISD Implementation Team attend the full training.
  • Alt+Shift and the ISD Implementation Team work collaboratively. Together they develop a strategic plan for supporting training and implementation in local districts and programs. Alt+Shift and the ISD Implementation Team meet in 30-45 day cycles. During meetings, they review progress on the plan and co-construct implementation supports that have been identified as the plan is implemented.
  • The local district implementation team works collaboratively with the ISD Implementation Team and Alt+Shift. Together they develop a strategic plan for implementing comprehensive literacy strategies in the district's classrooms. The local district implementation team meets in 30-45 day cycles to review progress on the plan and update as needed. 
  • Alt+Shift staff and ISD Implementation Team members are available for coaching and collaboration throughout the year.

What are the expectations for participation on an implementation team?

Each member is an equal partner. Team members collaborate to improve the implementation of practices and pedagogy taught in the Alt+Shift professional learning opportunity.

Expectations for team members include:

  • Participate in all team meetings in their entirety. Meetings may be in person or virtual.
  • Ensure technology and/or classroom coverage is set up to support participation.
  • Respond to requests for feedback by the given date.
  • Contribute individual expertise to meetings.
  • Complete assigned tasks (e.g. data collection, interviews) by the given date.

What Others are Saying

We asked partnership sites to share their experience related to the training.

AT Journey logo One of the greatest aspects of this format is it allows for ongoing professional development you apply throughout the year. The journey has allowed us to have deep, meaningful conversations related to the provision of assistive technology (AT) and the process.  At the end of this experience, we will have a sound foundation for the AT process that will have a lasting impact on our students. Another key aspect of the training has been the development and conversation related to leadership. It has connected staff who would not otherwise have the opportunity to connect with one another.

ISD Implementation Team Member - AT Journey

PODD logoBeing an implementation site has helped by supporting us through the technical aspects of implementation, and also through the more difficult aspects of adaptive coaching skills by leaning on implementation science.  Coaching each other regionally, receiving coaching with Alt+Shift’s guidance, and working with other teams has helped to craft mission statements, vision statements, and goals for our organization

ISD Implementation Team Member - PODD Training

Foundations of Math Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities LogoDuring the first year, it was important to have someone who is experienced available to talk with us, discuss challenges, and to model instructional practices. The support has been very helpful. It’s uncommon (in schools) to get regular support and regular face-to-face communication and contact. This was especially helpful.

Local Implementation Team member - Foundations of Math: SD

Foundations of Math Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities LogoThis is a different approach. It’s different having someone come in and work with our teachers and staff.  This is atypical. Alt+Shift works with our leadership team on our goals for the program. We have follow-up sessions, and we go deeper into the strategies. The follow-up is extremely helpful.

Local Implementation Team member - Foundations of Math: SD

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