AT Journey: Web Edition

Dear Travelers,

Hello! Welcome to the Assistive Technology (AT) Journey! Mike and I will be your travel guides. Mike Marotta is a nationally recognized Assistive Technology Professional who’s been in the field of AT for almost 30 years. I am an AT/AAC Specialist for Alt+Shift. In addition to overseeing the AT Journey, I assist with AAC implementation sites, such as PODD and Foundations of Communication.

We’ve found that many schools rely on the expert model (one person or team) to have all of the information regarding AT consideration, tool selection, and implementation. What would happen if the expert left tomorrow? What if your team had a process? This journey is designed for individuals and school teams to learn more about assistive technology while examining their current practices. We hope to assist you with:

  • Beginning to develop a successful, team-based model to effectively deliver AT services to their students
  • Understanding and navigating the intersection of AT, Ed Tech, IT (information technology) and UDL (universal design for learning)
  • Promoting a learning, sharing, and capacity-building community by eliminating information silos.

You’ll be able to go at your own pace. Each step will contain videos, resources, and helpful hints to help your team move toward a collaborative AT process and ultimately get the appropriate assistive technology (AT) into the hands of students in a more efficient and effective manner. 

We are both so excited for this adventure and can’t wait to hear about your travels!

- Carolyn O’Hearn

Stops Along the Way

Click on each Stop below to learn more information about various aspects of assistive technology. Some of the stops were inspired by the in-person AT Journey training sessions.


1 Stop 1: Demystifying Assistive Technology

Welcome to the first stop of the AT Journey: Web Edition! The purpose of this journey is to help you and your team get the right assistive technology (AT) tools into the hands of your students, faster. 
By law, we’re required to consider assistive technology for any student with an IEP. The world of AT can seem complex and overwhelming to educators who may not know where to start. Find out more about what qualifies as AT, debunk common myths about assistive technology, and how your student could benefit from AT. 
With the end goal of students having the tools and supports they need to be as functional and as independent as possible, this journey can help you navigate through the AT maze.
Next Stop Coming Soon!