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01:00 min

David Koppenhaver explains what teachers can expect to get out of emergent literacy training.

05:11 min

David Koppenhaver and Karen Erickson tell a story of two students who had success using the emergent literacy approach.

02:03 min

Karen Erickson explains how emergent literacy training addresses common constraints teachers face when planning and delivering lessons.

00:37 min

David Koppenhaver explains what a school system must do to seriously address literacy.

00:47 min

Karen Erickson describes the four-block literacy approach.

00:34 min

Karen Erickson explains what is conventional literacy.

00:31 min

Karen Erickson takes us through what exactly is emergent literacy.

00:49 min

Karen Erickson explains what are the primary goals of emergent literacy training.

00:33 min

David Koppenhaver explains how emergent literacy training is different from other types of trainings.

00:51 min

Karen Erickson talks about what to expect when you receive emergent literacy training.

02:41 min

Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver talk about their belief that every child can learn to read and write.

03:22 min

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Karen Erickson from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill describes her work around the core vocabulary concept and how it relates to Project Core, a classroom-based intervention for students with significant cognitive disabilities.


Patrick O'Neill describes an email he received from a parent and the changes she described in her daughter as part of her new understanding of mathematics in the world around her. 


Tonya Paige describes two students in her class who went from hating math to loving math once they finally understood the concepts.


Briana Bancroft describes an epiphany that one of her students had while using a number line to round numbers in her class.