AT Specialist Job Description - Sample

With the influx of technology tools in our classrooms, there has been more discussion around the role of AT Specialists. Many tools once considered very specialized are now ubiquitous in much of our everyday technology (e.g. speech to text on your phone). Collaboration across the educational landscape is more essential than ever. The sample job description below reflects the changing times and is intended to be used as guidance for administrators who are seeking to fill an AT Specialist role within their ISD or district. 

An ideal candidate has more than a depth of knowledge in technology; in addition, they embrace a growth mindset as well as additional leadership roles such as facilitator and coach.  Capitalizing on the collective wisdom of those with diverse expertise and insights, including students and families, allows for focused discussion to maximize learning outcomes. Today, this is more important than knowing every available tool, which is impossible. Oftentimes, we see job descriptions that focus primarily on content knowledge; this job description challenges administrators to also consider the importance this individual will play in building the knowledge and capacity of other educators within the district. 

As you develop your job description, take a moment to re-imagine the role of the AT Specialist within your district.

Sample Job Description (PDF)

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