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We collaborate with educators and families to improve educational outcomes for every learner by rethinking what is possible.

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Every Learner Has Special Needs

Learners do not need to be “ready” to be included.  Programs need to be ready to support all learners.

Making this a reality can be a huge undertaking for individual educators, families, and school systems.

Alt+Shift can assist you in introducing alternative educational approaches. Each approach is evidence-informed and designed to benefit every learner.

We recognize that each learner is unique, and so is each place of learning. We co-construct our support to meet the needs of your team.

Alt+Shift content areas include:

Accessible Digital Materials

Assistive Technology

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Mathematics for Students with Disabilities

Partnership Map

2023-2024 Partnerships by ISD

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Map of ISD partnerships. View a text description.

Alt+Shift partners with a number of ISDs throughout Michigan. Each partnership is a collaborative effort to shift mindsets and beliefs, and implement and sustain evidence-based practices.

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