As of Monday, March 16, the Alt+Shift office and Lending Library are closed.

Alt+Shift continues to be available via email to provide technical assistance and support during the closure.

Do not return Lending Library materials at this time. Materials can be returned, and extensions can be requested, when the library reopens. Borrowers will be notified when that happens.

COVID-19 Update

During this extended school closure due to COVID-19, the well-being of you and your communities is on our minds.

We are here to provide technical assistance and resources for families and educators related to:

  • Accessibility of learning environments and digital materials
  • Assistive technology (AT)
  • Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
  • Mathematics for students with disabilities
  • Learner engagement
  • Guidance from the Michigan Department of Education

Alt+Shift is a collaborative & impact-focused organization advancing:

  • The belief that every student is capable of learning and thriving within his/her educational environment.
  • Educator skills, knowledge and drive to improve learning.
  • Partnerships to co-construct systems at all levels to benefit students.

Lending Library

The Alt+Shift Lending Library contains assistive technology equipment and software that is available to Michigan's PK-12 public schools for short-term use.

Upcoming Events

Event and registration information for upcoming professional learning opportunities, including breakout sessions, multi-day course offerings, and webinars.

The Alt+Shift Summer Institute will not be held this year. To support our mission to work collaboratively with sites toward impact and implementation, this year we are offering a Summer Retreat, by invitation only, to teams who are partnering with us on accessible documents, mathematics instruction, and/or Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Teams will engage in strategic planning to strengthen implementation efforts.


Alt Shift Logo

Alt+Shift collaborates with districts and buildings to create and sustain accessible educational environments that have a direct and positive impact on every student.

With a focus on collaboration and impact, Alt+Shift offers professional learning, including training, technical assistance, and co-constructed implementation planning, that strives to shift adult mindsets and provide alternative options to improve outcomes for every student.


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1037 South US Highway 27

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Phone (517) 908-3930

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