Online Modules

Professional Learning

Online Modules

Online Modules address one broad topic and allow users to learn and try out new practices at their own pace.  Modules include a combination of video, text, and practice opportunities. 

Accessible Materials Made Right (AMMR)

Design with accessibility in mind

If you want your messages (via website, emails, presentations, etc.) to reach everyone, a proactive approach to content creation is critical. Nearly 20% of the U.S. population has some form of disability that can affect vision, hearing, dexterity, mobility and more.

AT Journey

Road to Independence

Assistive technology (AT), defined as anything that supports learners in doing things they would not otherwise be able to do, can provide the traction learners need to succeed but is often intimidating to educators who think of it as very specialized. Staff participating in the AT Journey will be empowered to individually consider, select and implement AT for their students, yet also recognize when additional perspectives (e.g., teacher, administrator, itinerant staff, paraprofessional, parent, etc.) are critical to this process.

Building Blocks to Autonomous Communication (BBtAC)

Communication is a prerequisite for teaching and learning.  Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a tool or support that assists a learner with communicating a message.  Building Blocks to Autonomous Communication focuses on the what, why, and how of supporting learners with Complex Communication Needs (CCN).

Foundations of Math

With the right supports and knowledge, all teachers and learners can engage in the teaching and learning of mathematics.  The Foundations of Math course is focused on mathematical content knowledge and positions general and special education teachers to examine mathematical procedures from a conceptual standpoint and increase sense making for learners who struggle with methods reliant on memorization and procedure. Participants will learn how making pedagogical shifts can increase student engagement and improve math achievement for every learner.


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