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AT Journey

AT Journey: Web Edition

Assistive technology (AT) can provide the traction learners need to succeed. How does you district capitalize on its collective wisdom related to AT? Through a combination of in-person & remote learning, passengers embark on a journey to demystify the complexity regarding consideration, selection, and implementation of assistive technology. Though there will be bumps along the way, the inclusion of diverse perspectives and the value each brings to the process will certainly smooth out the road. The AT Journey was co-constructed by Alt+Shift, Mike Marotta (nationally recognized AT Professional), and our traveling companions to build district-wide capacity to help learners succeed.

Embark on the AT Journey: Web Edition.

AT Map of 5 Regions

AT Contact List

A list of the assistive technology contacts in the state of Michigan. View lists by region or alphabetically by name.

View the AT Contact List

Parent and Educator Guide for Assistive Technology

Download an assistive technology guide for parents and educators developed by the Michigan Alliance for Families in collaboration with Alt+Shift. Please share with your networks.

Download Parent and Educator Guide for AT