Equipment and Software Loan Agreement

Alt+Shift will loan assistive technology (AT) equipment and/or software to Michigan’s public school districts, hereafter referred to as the “agency” for a trial period for use by a student who has an Individualized Education Program (IEP). On a case-by-case basis, Alt+Shift may lend to Michigan districts for students without an IEP.

Alt+Shift will loan AT equipment and/or software to institutes of higher education (IHEs)/educator preparation institutions (EPIs) referred to as the “agency” for a period of one week for the purpose of exposing university students entering the educator profession to options for addressing the needs of students with disabilities.

I. Term of Consignment

The term of consignment for Michigan’s public school districts, by default, is eight (8) weeks in duration. This may be adjusted through mutual agreement between Alt+Shift and the agency.

The term of consignment for Michigan IHEs/EPIs, by default, is one (1) week in duration. This may be adjusted through mutual agreement between Alt+Shift and the IHE/EPI.

II. Transfer and Liability for Equipment and Software

Alt+Shift will ship loans using a shipping agency of their choice. Alt+Shift inventories the items within the box before shipped. All items shipped by carrier will be securely packed and boxed. Unless otherwise indicated, all items listed will be considered shipped by Alt+Shift. Advance notice is required for in-person pick up or drop off.

Upon receipt of Alt+Shift loans, the agency shall conduct an inventory of the loan package and any discrepancy, such as scratches, dents, missing components, or other damage must be reported to Alt+Shift immediately by calling (517) 908-3916 or emailing If no report of discrepancy is noted by the “member” within 2 business day of receipt, loans are considered acceptable and complete.

III. Operation and Care of Equipment

The agency agrees to:

  • Read the User’s Manual before attempting to operate the equipment.
  • Take suitable care of the equipment while in the agency’s possession.

Equipment shall be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Any flagrant misuse of Alt+Shift equipment, by the agency, that causes damage will result in the agency being billed for the repair or total replacement cost of the equipment.

The agency shall maintain all Alt+Shift equipment and software in a secure environment to prevent damage, theft, pilferage, or degradation of loan items. The agency is liable for replacement of any item(s) lost, stolen, or broken beyond repair through misuse while in the agencies possession. The agency must replace or request an invoice from Alt+Shift for replacement costs.

Equipment shall not be permanently modified in any manner. Technical issues that are encountered must be reported to Alt+Shift as soon as possible. Alt+Shift may refer the borrower to the manufacturer’s technical support staff for resolution of the problem.

IV. Return of Equipment and Software

Loans must be returned on or before the due date.

It is the responsibility of the agency to cover all fees for the return shipment. Return shipping insurance is required, either through the shipper or an existing district coverage (e.g. land and marine) that would cover the equipment. Proof of existing coverage must be provided to Alt+Shift.

Advance notice is required for in-person drop off.

The agency must inventory all components (using the list provided by Alt+Shift) prior to packing the items for the return shipment to ensure ALL components must be included in the return shipment. Alt+Shift loan items must be securely packed and boxed. Any damage as a result of poor quality packing/packaging will be the responsibility of the agency. Damage incurred as a result of poor quality packaging may not be covered by insurance.

V. Delinquent Loans

An agency whose account has delinquent loans, or damaged/missing items may not be permitted additional loans while its account is in default.

If an agency is chronically late returning loans the agency account will be referred to the Alt+Shift Director for action that may result in suspension of privileges.

Contact the Alt+Shift Lending Library staff, if you have questions regarding this agreement by email at or call (517) 908-3916.

Download a Copy of the Loan Agreement

Keep a copy of the Lending Library loan agreement on file for your records. 

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