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Effective implementation of assistive technology begins with a thorough assessment of student needs. A multidisciplinary team, comprised of parents, students and professionals, must focus on student needs, tasks he/she is expected to complete and alignment of tools to support the needs and achievement of tasks and goals.

The Alt+Shift Lending Library contains assistive technology equipment and software that is available to Michigan’s PK-12 public schools and affords districts the opportunity to try assistive technology with a student who has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to assess effectiveness at meeting their needs prior to purchase. Length of loan will vary depending on individual plans for data collection and consideration of assistive technology needs.

Institutes of higher education (IHEs)/educator preparation institutions (EPIs) are able to borrow assistive technology equipment and/or software from the lending library for a period of one week for the purpose of exposing university students entering the educator profession to options for addressing the needs of students with disabilities.

Wireless VisionBoard

Wireless VisionBoard

Wireless Large Print Keyboard USB

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge book

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge lives next door to a nursing home in which several of his good friends reside.

Wearable Talker

Wearable Talker

Two message wearable communicator



Teach cause and effect with this simple switch modified massager (vibration device).

5" tall and 2" wide

VoiceTracer 7630

VoiceTracer 7630

Digital Voice Tracer digital verbal notepad will interface with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Victor Reader Stratus

Victor Reader Stratus 12 M

Audio book player

Vantage Lite

Vantage Lite

Compact augmentative and alternative communication device.

Microscope Education Bundle

Microscope Education Bundle USB

Microscope education bundle pack.

Universal Switch Mounting Systsem

Universal Switch Mounting System

Mount switches easily and quickly.


Loan Information for Members

The loan period for any hardware or software is 8 weeks.

You must accept the terms of our loan agreement to use the lending library. You may download and print a copy for your records.

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